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So...you think Cuba is old men with fat cigars* performing lovely music in the streets and hordes of beauiful women dancing salsa? So you think Cuba is romantic cities and nice food? Well dear friends, I'm sad to say that you are wrong. Cuba is poverty. Cuba is a mess. Cuba is poor people. Cuba is prostitution. Cuba is bad food (or no food at all). Cuba makes you feel sad.

Despite all this Cuba is still a extremely interesting country to visit. But you have to be prepared for it. If you're looking for a nice beach and a relaxing vacation you're in the wrong place. Cuba is hard work. First of all there is nothing to eat. Well, hrm...except for these three dishes: 1.Green bananas 2.Pizza with salt OR ketchup 3.Arroz congri (Rice with brown). If you can manage to keep your spirits up with this diet you will get access to a rediciously photogenic contry that is packed with interesting people who are more than willing to tell you their life story. Cuba is a quick look into one of the most bizzare countries on this planet. If you're prepared for this, Cuba is great!

The photos where taken during the times when my camera shot diapositives and b/w-film (google that youngsters!) and my scanner is lousy, producing poor images. Sorry about that.

* Have you ever had a look in an expensive Cuban photobook and seen an old weather beaten cuban man or woman smoking a cigar that has the double size of a normal cigar? In most cases these men or women are also wearing some photogenic hat or clothing. Well...they are all professional photo objects! They are sitting in every other street corner that is frequented by tourists and their main income is by having their photo taken. Some of them can bee seen in different photobooks, all by highly revarded photographers. Bah! (All the people in my portraits though, they are for real).

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