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Women and Icecream

To study and analyze the laws of nature is challenging and fascinating. Even more fascinating it will get when you are lucky enough to identify a mismatch in one of the fundamental rules of nature. For some time, I have made deep studies of the phenomenon of synergistic antagonism, i.e. when two positive things: A and B, have a sum that is negative.

You don't get it? Ok, I will give you one example to help you out: You probably all agree that A) driving a nice car is lovely, and B) smoking a big cigar is nice. But - Voila: The sum of A+B is horrible, or in other words: a synergistic antagonism (i.e. smoking a Cuban cigar inside an Aston Martin makes your face turn green).

So, let me hereby reveal my latest discovery in the secret world of synergistic antagonisms:
Women and Ice Cream!
A: Women are gorgeous!
B: Ice Cream is delicious!
A+B = Massive Output Error

To prove my thesis you are most welcome to have a look at some photos of women eating ice cream in public. Please note that I am not trying to redicule any of the women appearing on the photos. I love them! I just use them for scientific research. Perdóname!

As you know, most rules have exceptions. The formula for the exception in this case is: Women + Ice Cream + Spoon = Defenitely ok.

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