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The mysterious country
I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out why I like this cute, sleepy country but I can not really specify the secret formula of Lithuania - sorry. You simply have to go there yourself to find out. No wait! I really hope that the cheap airlines will continue to fly hordes of tourists to Riga and Tallinn. But Vilnius and Lithuania is too good for you. Don't go there - please! Lithuania is my own, private little secret.

The wonderful Lithuanian people
One thing though, is very certain about country. The people of Lithuania is very nice! At the surface they might seem a little bit hard, but they are all warm hearted and curious. Who could not love a country where most men look like some Alexander Karelin in a fur hat, drinking vodka and eating 25 potatoes for breakfast and despite this beeing friendly as a teddybear? And who could not love a country where most women are as good looking as an Aston Martin in the sunset but despite this being friendly and flirting like the women west of Berlin hasn't been since the 1950's?

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