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Vietnam is such a nice and fascinating country, and once you got it in your blood you have to go back. For me, this has meant three journeys. So far. The first journey back in 1996 was to the north, the second to the central and the latest to south Vietnam.

Most foreigners that travel in Vietnam end up in the lovely cities of Hanoi or Saigon or in tourist traps like Hoi An. This means that the central parts of the country still remains quite untouched. Cities like Quang Ngai and Quy Nhon are fairly big, but despite this the locals will be very surprised to see you there! It is amazing to walk the streets of these cities and suddenly be totally surrounded by curious locals who giggle at the sight of the strange foreigner.

Ho Chi Minh City is a total asian overdose. Millions of friendly people and a billion of motos in the street. HCMC is also a strange mix between the likeable Vietnamese lifestyle and a lot of new western influences. HCMC is very different from other cities in Vietnam. There is simply much extra of everything. You will need a lot of energy to spend a day in HCMC but you will defenitely be highly revarded.

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