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If you do not understand irony or if you are senitive to content that might be politically incorrect it is advisable that you leave this site.

Surrounded by misty peat bogs in the middle of the dark forests of Småland, is the small town Vislanda. It is known to the outer world as the Twin Peaks of Scandinavia. Most of the time, Vislanda is covered in white smoke from the gigantic sawmill, which makes it even more challenging to decode the mysteries of the city or to have a glimpse of the carismatic characters who is hiding in the shadows.

The fact that three of the caracters in the book De Ovanliga lived in Vislanda, is proof enough that Vislanda has got its fair share of oddity. Vislanda is also the place where you can find the "House of Death" where three people have been murded at different occasions over the years.

Life in Vislanda is revolving around EPA-tractors, mosbricka or catching the bus to Växjö. The population is very welcoming and friendly so do not hesitate to visit Vislanda. But hurry up, quite soon it might be a mainstream tourist destination.

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