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Belarus is a very interesting country to visit. In many ways, it is like visiting USSR in the 80's. A visit to Belarus will also give you a different perspective on what life is like in the "west" these days...good or bad?

In Sweden we are told through our politically correct media, that Belarus is the bad boy of Europe. So I went there myself, to see it with my own eyes, to be able to have my own opinion. And I am glad I did, because I saw something different from what the Swedish propaganda is saying. When I have seen what Belarus is like, thinking of Stockholm just makes me sad. So, Dear Carl Bildt: When the streets of Stockholm are safe, when the Stockholm suburb kids get their exams, when the infrastructure of Stockholn is working, when the streets are clean, when the fire brigade can go to Husby without risking their lifes, when the people in Stockholm start caring more about their neighbours than how to arrange the designer pillows in the new sofa, then you can start talking about exporting the Swedish model!

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