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Estonia has developed very fast in recent years and today it is a modern tourist destination. For me that is not good news. The most positive thing about Estonia is simply the Estonian people. They are very friendly, intelligent and they make good coffee.

Driving a motorcycle in Estonia is not really as exciting as driving in for example Lithuania or Latvia. Basically the country is to flat, to modern and the roads are to good. In every tiny village you are also most likely to find some finnish people singing Karaoke and drinking vodka (sometimes as early as 11 am). And even worse, there are also Swedish families with children on bicycle vacation! So, you do not relly feel like an explorer travelling arond in Estonia these days (but hey, you should have seen the jealous and dreaming faces of the Swedish fathers when they met Jolanta!). It was a whole lot more exciting to travel in Estonia just a few years ago. Not to mention Tallinn, the former lovely Amber Ghetto that used to be a really nice and interesting town that has now become a Silja Line Quick Stop.

On januari 1st 2011, Estonia made the fatal misstake of joining the Eurozone. Schade! Estonia now has to pay for the mess in the rotten Moussaka-Paella economies of the south and the lovely estonian beer is no longer 2,50 EEK.

Don't get me wrong by the hard words and irony above. I really, really love Estonia! But could you please at least arrange some hills to make the driving a little bit more exciting?

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