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A Lithuanian Japanese Garden

In the middle of nowhere, on top of a windy hill in northwestern Lithuania you will find someting that you never had expected to find here. An enormous Japanese Garden!

And, I can assure you, this is not just another Japanese Garden. To start with, it is gigantic! With its 16 ha it is the biggest in Europe! If this was just outside Vilnius or Kaunas it could make sense. But here? The garden is really quite nice, but it is very diffucult to focus. You can't help thinking: Why here, who made it and why?

Walking around in the garden and talking to the people doesn't really help to answer your questions. It actually just adds some spookiness to it all. They are all hard working people, totally dedicated to the idea of creating this enormous Japanese Garden. When asking the mother to the hard working son and founder, why this garden was made, she simply answers: "You know, my son is very romantic". Now that's what I call an understatement. Indeed bizarre!

The mysterious and spooky feeling is somewhat enhanced when they discribe their Japanese garden in their own words: "Here is a lot of Sky. Strong people are creating here. Here you will not find any exotica but feel somehow differently."

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